Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my journey to SMK Trusan!!

salam to all

hi are you getting on? i hope you were happy living in the new place with new surrounding. as for me..i started to like this place..but first of all let me tell you a story about my journey to the place called LAWAS....

i only brought these's only 27kg and i need to pay extra for the 7kg..

poor sofea..she really miss me so much..i wonder how much her mother would miss me..hehehe..i miss u all meal in the plane from klia to kuching..however, i only got 3 glasses of pink guava juice from kuching to miri..

this was the place where Isa Gaya and I stayed in Miri..the price for one room was rm160 and we shared the price. the officer from putrajaya said that we can claim but they actually 'kencing' us a lot..for those who want to go there, better search for cheaper hotel but be careful of 'shemale' there..they look real but have adam's apple.

this is me in front of MAS forker..inside her, you will experience as same as in the old blue antique bus from maktab..the aircond makes me sweat! this was my journey from miri to tooks about 35 minutes to arrived.

after a night stay in Limbang, we took an express boat to Lawas at 8am in the morning..the 'express' tooked 3 hours to arrived. in Lawas, my PK1, cikgu morshidi and cauncellor iskandar took me to the school..then they brought me to a house where i live until now..

i think that it for today..after this i will add some pictures from my school..thanks for spending some precious time looking in my blog!!

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