Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The latest news about posting!!

Don’t forget to take the mini transcript as well as the official letter saying that you have already finished study in Uitm. It is for your be given to the PA in your respected school. you can done that at the faculty office in sec17 or you can contact hilmi sauti for help..

I will be post in Limbang..30 minutes flight from Miri..if you want to travel with car or bus, you have to go across Brunei to get there. I’ve already check and investigate that there are only 4 schools in that area…SMKA Limbang, SMK Limbang, SMK Kubong and SMK Seri Patiambun..for cuti2 is advisable for you to take air asia from LCCT because it’s cheaper but from Miri to Limbang, there were only 2 trips in the morning and evening by MAS. these are some pictures that i managed to see..hopefully everything will doing well..i guess..hohohohohoh


  1. limbang dekat dgn sabah.. i mean dekat dengan kk.. only 4 hours if u mau pegi.. not forgetting labuan! sgt dekat! enjoy.. limbang mostly ramai berbangsa melayu brunei! anyway congrats..

  2. weh, laki limbang ensem dowh. aahhaa