Thursday, March 31, 2011

choral speaking competition 2011

last week was a very dissapointed..frustrated..and heart broken week for me..we went to SMK patiambun in Limbang for the competition. however, the drama begun when the judges (all from limbang district) made some comments that i think was not relevant at all..(how possible that the students loud voice can be an issue in choral speaking?) then again, i'd been told that all winners were actually ex-students of the judges...(owh..patutla..buyuk!)

hermm..its ok..atleast we had enjoyed our last day in Limbang plaza..went for karaoke n playing games together..(nasib baik xde bapok yg kaco)

peringatan untuk pertandingan yg subjektif: prepare yourself for the 'unfairness' of judges!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my new hobby

As salam..
introducing my new petty....nabbita n nabbito
berusia sebulan..dijumpai d karamunsing..
im waiting for my kids to come here and tgk sendiri nabbit nie secara live..hehe..cukup enam bulan..lepas je dpt baby kite wat sate..hahaha~

i think i will post in this blog once a year~