Wednesday, May 27, 2009

today is 27..

hello are you today? looking good? hope that u still keeping fit and pink of all my fan especially reekey and mozaiq, i cant hardly wait to see you guyz this coming week and im surely knew that your stomach will be much bigger than my wife..hehe..but dont forget we have takraw games..pls exercise little bit ya..
to all my frens in cohort 2,im coming!!!!!

ps: mozaiq, next time u meet the robot, pls use your hand to determine the robot's sex..kasi keruk sket!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

another week of loneliness

ive been doing nothing since the last time i met my supervisor. now im totally 'paralysed' since yesterday because of financially broke and entire family were sick since we went to pd..hopefully we will be great soon..
now, everyone updated their blogs, no matter ho much info that they get, they want to use this kind of blog as a medium of connecting people especially in our cohort..when i looked at mozaiq's blog together with seems that they are lonely..we've been together for the past 6 years and sometimes we cannot accept the fact that we were departed from each other..ive going through this kind of feeling since last year when they went to maktab for practicum n eventually i can adapt that feeling now..
we got approximately a month to do nothing and then we have to undergo KISSM and thinking of where should my wife will be stay as im not around for a month? and also, where should i get money for my family? my debts are going bigger n i dont know how to pay to them..i really hopes that money will drop from the sky..huhu
the pic shows me and my felow students in SMK Methodist (ACS) Klang

p/s: want to join my brute? log on to and be my students!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

at last!! akhirnya!!
i managed to complete my thesis..thanks to my beloved wife and all my friends who supported me spiritually and grammatically..
now..i got so much time to post..but you have to wait since i hv to spent some of my time (actually a lot!!) managing my house..
my wife cannot do anything because her mabuk mengandung or what we called pembawakan anak still there..hope it wil end up soon..