Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my daughter..


i love my daughter so much. she is very sweet and cute. her face is like something that you really looking for if you're alone. right now she's asleep..after her mother asked her to sleep. at first she's begging and wanted to accompany me but it's late already. she likes to show funny face and talk to us even though sometimes i really don't know what are the things that she wanted. she remembered all my friend's name like cha (sazlyni) emy (org perak yop!) fuqi (rafiqi) botak (mozaiq) imie (sauti)and also adi (the chef). she also likes to called me manor (md nor) or alik (haliq) but i like when she called me daddy and sometimes she called my wife and i 'bee'. she is so naif and likes to talk with cat. she doesn't like cockroach, 'nyamok' (ants and flies are also called nyamok) and she also dislike rats.

she likes to dance especially the boom boom pow song from black eyed peas. she like to wear 'kecantikan'(make up), badak (talc) and take a long time bath, play with bloon (balloon), ball, moomoo (cow with wheels), eating celat (chocolate), slurpslurp (ice cream), naget (nugget) and faise (frech fries)

she know songs like 'head,shoulder,knee and toe', 'ba ba black sheep', 'bapaku pulang dari kota', 'twinkle little star' and 'satu labah2'
i love her so much. her coming sibling will come out soon. hopefully i can treat them equally and love them as much as i love myself.not to forget her mother la..hehe

i pray everyday that my children will be success in life and after life..amin..

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