Friday, June 12, 2009

What a Happy day!!

I'm posting this entry in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, the town who never sleep. i got a room in vistana(thanks to my daughter's god mother Sas a.k.a cha) and after being a housekeeper who want to clean a room but there was a guest in that room, i finally use this laptop to post a special entry. through KISSM, we learn lots of things. however, things getting worse when the lecturer were not being able to enter the classes because of many reasons. then, as a 'ketua kelas' in the programme, i have to manage their attendance, the availability of presenter and also keep the class confortable as good as i can. through these pictures, it can be conclude that we are all happy to meet each other though this will be the last time we chat in a room full of cohort2.

the 'BN' blogger, mozaiq was touching acip's snake and he love it. cek T doesnt care about that since she is too struggle studying about salary and 'cuti'

mozaiq wanted to touch ezlan's worm but mat D 'gentel' it first. brader CPS waiting after that.

everybody likes to be with 'mat henjut'

as for the rest of the pictures, you can describe it. enjoy and happy KISSMing!!

the so called 'princess' were jealous because they are prettier than her

guest who was sleeping?

maya canada and her fellow friends

the photographer wanted to take picture of abg CPS but the daughter of veterinar man hiding him

the one besides kak ina is awanis. on the first time she came, ezlan and acip trying to seduce her by calling her phone number

acip "i want to be a gardener..halo cik..ada kunyit ka?"

abg reekey "gapo dio nie stadium runtoh nie? rasuoh ni..guano orang ganu?"

i think ain's teeth is sharper than a knife!!