Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kaizer Trusan!!


i got a limited time to update my blog so i will add all the pictures that i took here 4u2c..

in that school, i teach math for form 3 and form 4 and also PJK for form 4.. this is because i need to replace a math teacher who went for KPLI course..maybe next year i will be able to teach english.." happy in my heart!"

im also took other jobs such as:

a) setiausaha mesyuarat matematik
b) ahli program anak angkat subjek matematik
d) jurulatih kelab hoki
e) pembimbing kelab komputer
f) tenaga pengajar Kadet Remaja Sekolah
g) guru kelas tambahan

overall, teachers in my school were from peninsula and they are kind and generous..most probably i will stay here for a long period as i want to visit all places in Sarawak as well as Sabah and Brunei..
until next time..gud luck my friends!!

my journey to SMK Trusan!!

salam to all

hi are you getting on? i hope you were happy living in the new place with new surrounding. as for me..i started to like this place..but first of all let me tell you a story about my journey to the place called LAWAS....

i only brought these's only 27kg and i need to pay extra for the 7kg..

poor sofea..she really miss me so much..i wonder how much her mother would miss me..hehehe..i miss u all meal in the plane from klia to kuching..however, i only got 3 glasses of pink guava juice from kuching to miri..

this was the place where Isa Gaya and I stayed in Miri..the price for one room was rm160 and we shared the price. the officer from putrajaya said that we can claim but they actually 'kencing' us a lot..for those who want to go there, better search for cheaper hotel but be careful of 'shemale' there..they look real but have adam's apple.

this is me in front of MAS forker..inside her, you will experience as same as in the old blue antique bus from maktab..the aircond makes me sweat! this was my journey from miri to tooks about 35 minutes to arrived.

after a night stay in Limbang, we took an express boat to Lawas at 8am in the morning..the 'express' tooked 3 hours to arrived. in Lawas, my PK1, cikgu morshidi and cauncellor iskandar took me to the school..then they brought me to a house where i live until now..

i think that it for today..after this i will add some pictures from my school..thanks for spending some precious time looking in my blog!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

so long my friends..

salam to all

its been a while..
tomorrow ill not b in peninsula..
i miss my wonderful time here..
its been a while..

good bye
to all my friends who supports me
to my family who take care of me
to my family who i care
good bye

to the new life
to the new place
to the new part of me

i couldnt sleep n i couldnt cloze my eyes
bcoz my family r here n ill b there
who would take care of them?
Allah will..amin.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The latest news about posting!!

Don’t forget to take the mini transcript as well as the official letter saying that you have already finished study in Uitm. It is for your be given to the PA in your respected school. you can done that at the faculty office in sec17 or you can contact hilmi sauti for help..

I will be post in Limbang..30 minutes flight from Miri..if you want to travel with car or bus, you have to go across Brunei to get there. I’ve already check and investigate that there are only 4 schools in that area…SMKA Limbang, SMK Limbang, SMK Kubong and SMK Seri Patiambun..for cuti2 is advisable for you to take air asia from LCCT because it’s cheaper but from Miri to Limbang, there were only 2 trips in the morning and evening by MAS. these are some pictures that i managed to see..hopefully everything will doing well..i guess..hohohohohoh

my daughter..


i love my daughter so much. she is very sweet and cute. her face is like something that you really looking for if you're alone. right now she's asleep..after her mother asked her to sleep. at first she's begging and wanted to accompany me but it's late already. she likes to show funny face and talk to us even though sometimes i really don't know what are the things that she wanted. she remembered all my friend's name like cha (sazlyni) emy (org perak yop!) fuqi (rafiqi) botak (mozaiq) imie (sauti)and also adi (the chef). she also likes to called me manor (md nor) or alik (haliq) but i like when she called me daddy and sometimes she called my wife and i 'bee'. she is so naif and likes to talk with cat. she doesn't like cockroach, 'nyamok' (ants and flies are also called nyamok) and she also dislike rats.

she likes to dance especially the boom boom pow song from black eyed peas. she like to wear 'kecantikan'(make up), badak (talc) and take a long time bath, play with bloon (balloon), ball, moomoo (cow with wheels), eating celat (chocolate), slurpslurp (ice cream), naget (nugget) and faise (frech fries)

she know songs like 'head,shoulder,knee and toe', 'ba ba black sheep', 'bapaku pulang dari kota', 'twinkle little star' and 'satu labah2'
i love her so much. her coming sibling will come out soon. hopefully i can treat them equally and love them as much as i love myself.not to forget her mother la..hehe

i pray everyday that my children will be success in life and after life..amin..

tribute to the most sensitive person in cohort 2

he is the one who have so much tears in his heart
even though he tough and look smart

he is the one who can handle many girls like a sip of cup
even though he ended be the committee of jilted club

he who could travel miles and miles only to buy chocolate for his sweety
but yet he only get sweatty

who is he?
where would he go?
why did he go?
doesn't he remember us?

we could only know the answer..
if we know him

he is the master of all the memories lies in our mind..
he is the only person who like to say 'lahabau'
he is the funniest man that do nothing but people will smile
he is the man in our clan
his name is...


love is in the air?

hi..i need your opinion about this fella..what would happen if they be together..pls fill in your comment ya!!

biro tatanegara - ends well

salam to all
sorry if i let my blog empty without any news.recently im too busy with my posting and all the stuff that i need to do before i go to sarawak. im too sad because i will be apart from families,friends and all the exciting places in peninsula. these are some pictures that i took from our 'vacation' in BTN.

if you look closer, they all are just like 'bapak orang'

Rafiqi..(my daughter called him ‘fuqi’) was like a kindergarten boy wanted to go to the zoo

This is my clan!!

Awin was trying to ‘manje2’ with reekey without he noticed

My lovely group 6..perajurit tanah air!!

Pemuda UMNO Pemuda MIC and Pemuda MCA was discussing about how to deal with Peraba in their groups

Maya canada still smiling because of her last night’s performanced with Macha

Which one is odd to you?
Toott!! Wrong! It’s Panje!!

Che’we with her latest gadget on her hand..

Guess which ‘hump’ that the man with spectacles looked?
Toott!!! Wrong! It’s Pa’an!!

My favorite blogger a.k.a ‘sifu SB’ reduced his energy for the optimum use in jungle tracking