Sunday, April 17, 2011

First time in Kuching

hi..we meet again..
Kuching, situated at the end of Sarawak continent has lots of interesting places that u can go. i only have one day to go around the city but i managed to get the 'cats'..
these are some pictures that i took and i hope that i can bring my family there.

i stayed at tunes hotel, in front of hilton hotel.the price are quiet reasonable depends on what do u need.

the river

as u all know the elections has been made and bn still got the 2/3 majority of the DUN..however, PKR and DAP had added their representative in the Dewan and it shows that people really want to have a person who will work hard for them..

quiet expensive but its affordable. u can jump in once in your life time.

there were hundreds of 'gambir sarawak' here..only rm10 per three small pieces..u can use 5 times per each pieces.but be careful..dont misuse it..

the kuching...miaawwww..

there were no indian here..

thats all for now...i got plenty of pictures but the internet doesnt give me the chance to upload it..until next time..see ya!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

PTD moments::

hello there..
after a very tough day in limbang, i went back to lawas for another adventure of my life. i didnt fully prepared but at least i give a try.. i went to Kuching for PTD (Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik) second stage. the assessment being held at CIDB..

we took our breakfast,lunch and dinner seems that the government had spent a lot of money to the elections and they cut cost of the food that we should, there will be no six times eating per day..only three remains..

we stayed here for two days..the place was like my previous 'home sweet home' in MPKB with a different scenery.

you can see mount santubong from here. i wish i will climb that mountain one day..

the reason i show u this fancy shoes is

Thursday, March 31, 2011

choral speaking competition 2011

last week was a very dissapointed..frustrated..and heart broken week for me..we went to SMK patiambun in Limbang for the competition. however, the drama begun when the judges (all from limbang district) made some comments that i think was not relevant at all..(how possible that the students loud voice can be an issue in choral speaking?) then again, i'd been told that all winners were actually ex-students of the judges...(owh..patutla..buyuk!)

hermm..its ok..atleast we had enjoyed our last day in Limbang plaza..went for karaoke n playing games together..(nasib baik xde bapok yg kaco)

peringatan untuk pertandingan yg subjektif: prepare yourself for the 'unfairness' of judges!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my new hobby

As salam..
introducing my new petty....nabbita n nabbito
berusia sebulan..dijumpai d karamunsing..
im waiting for my kids to come here and tgk sendiri nabbit nie secara live..hehe..cukup enam bulan..lepas je dpt baby kite wat sate..hahaha~

i think i will post in this blog once a year~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

im not a blogger mati anymore

since my best friend elan boteng join the blogger's knocked me to start blogging again..

TrIP tO PuNAng

sejak ku berada di perantauan nie.. byk tmpt2 menarik yg telah dilawati..antaranya adalah pantai punang..located 10 minutes from bandar Lawas, pantainye sgt menarik dan sesuai dikunjungi oleh parent yg nk bw anak2 mandi manda..awek pakwek nk jalan2 tepi pantai romantika diamor..or tmpt nk tenangkan fikiran setelah kusut melayan karenah budak2 di sekolah..
sila nengok gambar nie dr bwh nk betulkan..huhu..

kene hangkut anak2..hehe~

meh ar berkelah~

jgn tertipu dgn no plat kete di blkg..ini bukan pahang k~

masjid tepi pantai

kastam punang~

ah..diriku seorang burung..huhu

jambatan yg horor~

my best family

meh nengok mentari lelame~

jembatan yg mencabar

pemandangan di tepian pantai

perjalanan ke pantai punang

by the way..aku ade join bende alah nie
murah je stakat dopulo hingget..kire ok la dr kene byr seghatus kt fb tuh..huhu..yg penting skali rm20 tu terus masuk dlm akaun korang..xpayah kene divide acc2 yg lain.. totally income sbgi rakan korg aku sarankan korang masuk ar..tak ter effect pun gaji korang ribu2 tu..niat je sedekah..nway..selamat berjaya!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

happy eid!!

salam to all

im not coming back to my hometown in this hari raya because of money and family conditions but im surely go to my convo next month..insyaallah..
today im not going anywhere for's already 7th raya and only two visitors came to my house..celebration in Lawas were not as exited as in Melacca or anywhere else in peninsula..i got my friends there but here..i only starting to make friends..hopefully by next year we were able to manage our eid celebrations meaningfully.

these are kek lapis made by us..huhuhu..

hani happy wit her nice scarf

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kaizer Trusan!!


i got a limited time to update my blog so i will add all the pictures that i took here 4u2c..

in that school, i teach math for form 3 and form 4 and also PJK for form 4.. this is because i need to replace a math teacher who went for KPLI course..maybe next year i will be able to teach english.." happy in my heart!"

im also took other jobs such as:

a) setiausaha mesyuarat matematik
b) ahli program anak angkat subjek matematik
d) jurulatih kelab hoki
e) pembimbing kelab komputer
f) tenaga pengajar Kadet Remaja Sekolah
g) guru kelas tambahan

overall, teachers in my school were from peninsula and they are kind and generous..most probably i will stay here for a long period as i want to visit all places in Sarawak as well as Sabah and Brunei..
until next time..gud luck my friends!!