Wednesday, July 8, 2009

biro tatanegara - ends well

salam to all
sorry if i let my blog empty without any news.recently im too busy with my posting and all the stuff that i need to do before i go to sarawak. im too sad because i will be apart from families,friends and all the exciting places in peninsula. these are some pictures that i took from our 'vacation' in BTN.

if you look closer, they all are just like 'bapak orang'

Rafiqi..(my daughter called him ‘fuqi’) was like a kindergarten boy wanted to go to the zoo

This is my clan!!

Awin was trying to ‘manje2’ with reekey without he noticed

My lovely group 6..perajurit tanah air!!

Pemuda UMNO Pemuda MIC and Pemuda MCA was discussing about how to deal with Peraba in their groups

Maya canada still smiling because of her last night’s performanced with Macha

Which one is odd to you?
Toott!! Wrong! It’s Panje!!

Che’we with her latest gadget on her hand..

Guess which ‘hump’ that the man with spectacles looked?
Toott!!! Wrong! It’s Pa’an!!

My favorite blogger a.k.a ‘sifu SB’ reduced his energy for the optimum use in jungle tracking

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