Wednesday, May 27, 2009

today is 27..

hello are you today? looking good? hope that u still keeping fit and pink of all my fan especially reekey and mozaiq, i cant hardly wait to see you guyz this coming week and im surely knew that your stomach will be much bigger than my wife..hehe..but dont forget we have takraw games..pls exercise little bit ya..
to all my frens in cohort 2,im coming!!!!!

ps: mozaiq, next time u meet the robot, pls use your hand to determine the robot's sex..kasi keruk sket!!


  1. sampai ati ghoyak perut timah besar di public... aku repot die.... tunggu!!!

  2. eh, ble plak ak jd fan mu ni?

  3., cam kenal je ngan pokcik ni.
    rasanya ni pokcik yg kidal yg sy kenal masa drjh 5 dlu tu. yg tinger capang tu kan?

    hoho...after u've got baby. lama xdgr cte until my dad pass away..

    hmm...kindly pls add me on friendster k?

    do keep in touch..

    send my regard to ur lovely wife n cute chopia.