Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hola everybody!!

assalamualaikum wt

To start with, let me introduce my self.. my name is Md Norhaliq Hj Md friends usually called me -haliq-aliq-aji- Im a link program student from IPG Kota Bharu,Kelantan. i was born in Seremban but my negri's dialect seems to be not so good and weird..

Im married with A wife
Rabiha,(there are 3 forms left..want to fill in?) and currently i have to share my love to another person which is my lovely daughter, Hani Sofea..she is 1 year and 6 months old now..
Besides studying, i also do some part time jobs such as a promoter in shopping complex, supervisor in some event and also a distributor..i sell instant coffee to any warong or places that need my if you guyz want some extra energy drink to stay up doing assignments late nite, dont be shame to ask me keyh!! dont worry..its cheap!!

computer in my life is very much important..but most of the time i used it for entertainment..i rarely go to the has been 3 years i didnt go there..usually i download movies from Ares or Bitcomet or im busy with finding educational materials for my daughter..she likes to play with my computer..sometimes we have to fight in order to use the computer.(the pic shows how stressful she is). Ok..before i end my first entry for the day let me answer these initial question first..

What computer software you know how to utilize?

not too much for the time being..i knew some software such as Ares, Bitcomet,Limewire,all media players, `easy download softwares that needs you to click Next until finish' software like warcraft, red alert,counter strikes..all kind of microsoft office except excel..i can use excel if anybody teach me to use it..

What computer hardware skills and knowledge do you have?

the knowledge brain is full of info about the hardware but the skill...bwek...sometimes i dont know which wire should be fit in but im trying to learn about it as i have bought one by one to complete my desktop

What computer / Internet activities do you have and/or oftenly engaged in? e.g download songs, upload videos.

usually i step in to my friendster and i always sign in my YM..i dont download anything but movies..

i think that all for not so friendly with blogging but i will try to learn =)

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