Thursday, February 26, 2009

English or Bahasa Melayu?

English has some sort of aura in our education system. Not too long time ago, English is the medium of instruction in most of the school. Now, the Ministry of Education try to bring back the good of it and wanted to produce international quality manpower so that our country will be in the same high as develop country.

However, the step that has been made seven years ago does affect now. Students in rural school did not manage to cope with the changes as they are not aware of the second language compared to the urban area. They do not use English as the way of communication. In fact, their Malay language was not in standard form either. For instance, if we go to a school in Gua Musang, Kelantan, we can see that most of them speak Kelantanese. Sometimes we cannot understand some of the words and their Malay Language subject also being affected by the slang.

The knowledge between our students compared to other country are differ just because of the language. Hence, the Minister of education who is aware of this matter took some effort by improving English in schools. It is to help them gaining knowledge (as the references will be always in English) in the future when they further their study in our universities or over sea.We agree that the qualities of “A’s” in current SPM are not to the extent of same intensity as “A’s” in GCE (GCE is like SPM when my father took it before working). Therefore, this will help to improve national education system as well as the examination will not be a bad ‘tittle-tattle’ anymore.

There are some consequences that our education system need to aware about due to the matter. Today, one of the organizations that against the new system which is Gabungan Persatuan Penulis Nasional Malaysia (Gapena), had lodged a report because the system had against the law of Malay language in Malaysia. According to them, the system did not satisfy all of the students in this country and the big impact should be the Malay students who studied in rural areas. They say the system gives opportunities for those who make use of English in urban area but not for poor village kid.

In my opinion, English Language can be taught in any way including other subjects. However, in order to teach the students; Math and Science in other language, teachers should be in the knowledge of the language first. In other meaning, the education ministry should take some effort to train Math and Science teacher so that they will be aware of the circumstances. During my practicum, I can see that teachers who teach Math and Science have always come to English teacher and ask about their opinion and thought in teaching by using that particular language; especially teachers which we called them ‘senior’. They are very good in Math and Science. However, when it comes to English, they seem to be like a form one students who doesn’t know anything about their field. It is such a waste if a good teacher cannot teach just because of a language.

In some rural area such as in Felda or Perkampungan Orang Asli or even in a place where majority of them are Chinese or Indian; which did not use English as their way to communicate, Math and Science subjects becomes their burden. They would not use English at home since their parent would not understand them. Therefore, if they have some difficulties while doing their homework, parents could not help them anymore. This situation happen when I saw a father wanted to teach his son about Math but he does not know the words and the terms used. During my practicum in (ACS) Methodist Klang, the students are aware about the use of English. Even though their English are not good in the sense of grammar and writing, they can communicate well. Hence, the process of learning Math and Science would not be too hard for them. If we compare two situations given, it is easily can be say that students in Klang are lucky.

Each time the Minister of Education in Malaysia change from one person to another, the system will change too. It is because they have a different thoughts and views on educating young generations. For me, the politician and education should be separated. The politician will disturb what had the teacher gain and their effort seems to be not in a value of sincere. Teacher will be blame if their children did not achieve good scores in exams. Teachers are also responsible for the achievement in schools. Those things will influence the way of teaching and people would say that now everyone can be a teacher.

For the conclusion, I strongly disagree to everyone. For the government, English is subjective. It can be taught in many ways. They should not disturb other subject because it will affect the knowledge it selves. It is true that all of the books and references are in English but sometimes, in order to count something, languages are not so matter. One is still one in all kind of languages. It is the way how to count is really matter. Quran had teach us about Science, about how people being created but why it is in Arabic? Not English? For me, government should focus on one thing which is the English Language subject as an item. To improve, to change or even to demolish any kind of system it should be within the circle of English Language subject.

For those who are disagreeing with Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and wanted to keep on juggling about the Malay Language and the pure sacred of it, you should think twice. Malay language is a prime language in our country. Besides of demonstrating on ETeMS, why not we improve the Malay language in school. It is not a big surprise if we can see that many of the ‘YB’s’ in the parliament is hardly speak in Malay. It is not a huge surprise either if we can see that a Malay student got A1 for English in SPM rather than B3 for Malay language (this is an example of my own sister)? Those things should be ponder if we want to change the education system in our beloved country, Malaysia.


  1. it's a waste..a big waste..when u start to implement sumting, then u try to abolish it. wut a joke.but i agree wit d fact dat english shud be seen as n item, on its own..reli hate d political rizen behind all diz.

  2. your own sister who got B3 for her BM subject in SPMApril 5, 2009 at 4:18 AM

    "an example of your own sister"..?

    she even went for BM's extra classes and tuitions and tried quite hard for her SPM.
    but then she still thinks that the BM's 'silly'bus is harder than any other science's subjects, consequently getting B3 in her SPM.

    its quite sad when knowing her own grandmother's tounge had letting her down and people around her.

    The thing that only matters in the process of learning is about the understanding of the students, regardless of what language the teacher are trying to use. as long as the students understands what they are learning, that should be enough.

    in secondary school, myself had been taught science subjects in Malay. but in my foundation study, i learned in English. it took me some time to adapt to the transitions,thus made me became slower in the process of learning.

    based on my own experience, ETeMS made the students became more exam-oriented because it made most of the students memorize every single words in notes and books, eventhough they dont really understand what they had learned during lectures..

    so,i agree that the government should improve the syllabus of BM and BI in school. theres no need to fight for a change that would worsen the Malay students, get the students thought and think for the improvements. :)

    tuan tanah kedaung sile jgn mengajing dan menghapal pe yg saye tulis ni yeee...loloxx.. XD

  3. cik, ko tulis komen megalahkan tgh tulis blog....hahahaha