Sunday, April 17, 2011

First time in Kuching

hi..we meet again..
Kuching, situated at the end of Sarawak continent has lots of interesting places that u can go. i only have one day to go around the city but i managed to get the 'cats'..
these are some pictures that i took and i hope that i can bring my family there.

i stayed at tunes hotel, in front of hilton hotel.the price are quiet reasonable depends on what do u need.

the river

as u all know the elections has been made and bn still got the 2/3 majority of the DUN..however, PKR and DAP had added their representative in the Dewan and it shows that people really want to have a person who will work hard for them..

quiet expensive but its affordable. u can jump in once in your life time.

there were hundreds of 'gambir sarawak' here..only rm10 per three small pieces..u can use 5 times per each pieces.but be careful..dont misuse it..

the kuching...miaawwww..

there were no indian here..

thats all for now...i got plenty of pictures but the internet doesnt give me the chance to upload it..until next time..see ya!

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  1. Aaira ngan ocen dok tanya mana cita diorang.. Nape kakak je ade cite dlm ni.